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My laptop is alive again~
Anyone like to trade a 50mm af-s 1.4 nikkor lens for the same but auto….

 I recently ordered a Nikkor 50mm f 1.4…400 less than it’s normal would be sold as. I love Ebay bidding..[=

Skinny people are not the only ones who can be models…

it irritates me when people say so…

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There is a difference between logical disputes and just wanting to here yourself talk.

No I’m not directing this towards these Tumblr Posts

These people talking about how disgusted they are to see African prints in Urban Outfitters but don’t stop to think where their current designs came from.

btw, when will “Tumblr” become included in Spell Check >:(

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@LuchiieLu - bit new \=

  • *Middle of painting the house*
  • Mom: If I take this laptop to the store, then they will know what color we want.
  • Me: you know you need the internet right?
  • Mom: I know, that's why I am taking the charger with me...